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About luxury

But with the Bucks nearing the luxury tax threshold, the Bulls are predicted to create an offer in the range of two years and $forty million that can demonstrate unpleasant to match. — K.c. Johnson, chicagotribune.com

→ رَفَاهِيَةٌ luxus luksus Luxus πολυτέλεια lujo ylellisyys luxe luksuz lusso 贅沢 사치 luxe luksus luksus luxo роскошь lyx ความหรูหรา lüks sự xa xỉ 奢侈

Luxury tax (sporting activities), surcharge set over the mixture payroll of the athletics staff for the extent to which it exceeds a predetermined guideline degree established via the league

equipped with luxuries. an extremely magnificent flat/life. luuksueus مُتْرَف، فَخْم разкошен luxuoso přepychový luxuriös luksuriøs πολυτελήςlujoso luksuslik تجملی ylellinen luxueux מְפוֹאָר शानदार एवं कीमती luksuzan luxus- mewah lúxus-, ríkmannlegur lussuoso ぜいたくな 사치스러운 prabangus, prašmatnus grezns; krāšņs mewah weelderigoverdådig, luksuriøsluksusowy, zbytkowy شان،په جلال كښى luxuoso luxos; îndestulat роскошный prepychový razkošen luksuzan lyxig, luxuös หรูหรา, มากมาย lüks 奢侈的 розкішний عیش و آرام کے اسباب سے آراستہ xa hoa 奢侈的

Even though the technical expression luxury very good is impartial of the goods' excellent, They can be normally looked upon as goods at the very best finish of the industry with regard to top quality and value.

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A luxury brand or Status brand name is usually a brand name for which a majority of its products and solutions are luxury goods. It may also contain sure brands whose names are related to luxury, substantial price tag, or high quality, even though several, if any, in their items are currently considered luxury items.[citation wanted]

luuksueusheid بصورةٍ فَخْمَه، بِتَرَف разкошно luxuosamente přepychově luxuriös luksuriøst πολυτελώς lujosamente luksuslikult با تجمل ylellisesti luxueusement בְּפאֵר विलासमय, राजसी luksuzno fényűzően dengan mewah ríkmannlega lussuosamente ぜいたくに 사치스럽게 prabangiai grezni; krāšņi dengan mewah weelderigoverdådig, luksuriøst luksusowo, zbytkownie له شان سره luxuosamente luxos, în lux роскошно prepychovo razkošno luksuzno lyxigt, luxuöst อย่างฟุ่มเฟือย lüks bir şekilde 奢侈地 розкішно نشاط افزائی سے một cách xa hoa 奢侈地

b. Something which is desirable but highly-priced or tough to obtain or do: did not contain the luxury of Doing the job in an up-to-date laboratory.

That may be to state, a luxury very good may possibly grow to be a standard excellent and even an inferior fantastic at distinct income ranges, e.g. a rich individual stops obtaining rising quantities of luxury cars and trucks for their automobile selection to start out collecting airplanes (at such an earnings level, the luxury car would grow to be an inferior good).

"Luxury" could possibly be utilized for other utilized arts where equally utilitarian and luxury variations of exactly the same sorts of objects were produced. This may cover metalwork, ceramics, glass, arms and armour, and a wide range of objects.

in Winter season. three : some thing including to enjoyment or consolation although not absolutely required That new car is a luxury

weelderigheid تَرَف، بَذْخ разкош luxo luxus der Luxus luksus πολυτέλειαlujo luksus تجملی بودن ylellisyys luxeמותרות विलासमयता, राजसी luksuz fényűző volta vminek kemewahan lúxus, munaður lusso ぜいたくさ 사치스러움 prabangumas greznība kemewahan luxe, weelderigheidoverdådighetluksus, wspaniałość, zbytek شان او لويى luxo lux роскошество luxus razkošje luksuznost lyxighet ความฟุ่มเฟือย lüks 奢侈 розкішність نشاط افزائی sự xa hoa 奢侈

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There's also goods which are perceived as lavish by the public simply because they Perform a job of standing symbols therefore items often signify the purchasing ability of individuals who obtain them.[citation wanted] These items, when not necessarily currently being much better (in excellent, efficiency, or physical appearance) than their less costly substitutes, are acquired with the main goal of displaying wealth or income in their proprietors.

As an alternative The cash allegedly was put in on luxury cars and trucks and a yacht club membership, among the other items.

Luxury merchandise are claimed check here to have significant profits elasticity of demand from customers: as people develop into wealthier, they'll get additional luxury products. This also means, even so, That ought to there be a decline in earnings its demand from customers will fall. Cash flow elasticity of demand is just not constant with regard to profits, and should improve indicator at distinct levels of money.

These nouns denote a little something attractive that's not a requirement: the actual luxury of Driving inside of a limousine; a simple wedding ceremony with no extravagances; caviar as well as other culinary frills.

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